Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I moved blogs, again.

It's simple now, it's just http://leisha-riddel.blogspot.com

It's also less offensive that way. So please update your links if you have me on your list.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


An up and coming jazz singer has a run in with a veteran of the vaudeville strip, right before her first solo show - of which she is already running late for.

Coming to Sheridan in 2010.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4th Year Development part 1

I gotta say, this year has been a development nightmare. I say nightmare because it's been absolutely chaotic without really going anywhere until recently. I'm not quite sure what birthed the most recent development of what's known as "Little Red Ride". The actual working title is quite different now.

This is what my film used to be - before I started rethinking it entirely. It's about a schizophrenic who experiences some serious troubles with her mind. And that's about it.

Now it's a tad more satirical, or at the very least pitch black humour. An example of pitch black humour being: "That thing you burned up isn't important to me. It's the fluid catalytic cracking unit. It made shoes for orphans. Nice job breaking it, hero." -GlaDOS

This is the new antagonist, and she's the purest form of villainry, or at least the most villainous villain I've ever written into existence. You might wonder why she's the exact same design as a girl in my "FLIGHT" story - because I'm not a designer in the slightest! So I reuse and modify. Kind of like recycling.

ALSO: in the process of writing, I realized what amazing prophecy fortold the future of my fourth year film- Rob Marshall. You probably won't recognize the name, but you will recognize his best film. I'm really going to look to his work for Art Direction, and editing.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Red Ride Storybeats and otherwise

They're actually in the wrong order,  but these are some storybeats I did for Little Red Ride, my Senior Animation Project for next year about a schizophrenic comic book lover - who finds love in more than just the joy of reading.

And here's my flipbook page, of which you saw the sketch of earlier.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Ramblings Blog.

The Daily Animator is up. It's a blog devout to opinion pieces about Animation-related things. 


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Updating's going to be a lot more common now, I've finally figured out my cookie problem (Cookie as in internet, although I have a cookie problem otherwise. I don't have any money for cookies QQ) and I can stay signed in all the time, and it's not a task to sign in and update.

So you can expect me to finally update like mad, with tons of thoughts, scribbles, and things I've noticed about old films that are actually hilarious in retrospect. So yes, Epik Animations will fulfill its purpose, finally.


YOWZA!!! .. K I won't cross that line.

I needed to post this, it was the utmost importance, and pertinent to the rest of my life. I'm applying to Yowza, as many other individuals, and I realize I've stated numerous times. No. Almost 99% of the time nowadays, that I want to be in story, and that I'm not that interested in traditional animation anymore.

But I also just spent the last three days trying to learn how to draw Belle. For your interests, I'm going to take some screencaps of Belle. And by take some screencaps, I mean, go to magicalscreencaps.com, and take them from there.

Her lips are HUGE.

This one is actually the closest to the model so far.

Now she just looks like my friend Marta.


If anyone's noticed, in this scene, her face slides up and down like it's melting. It's pretty amusing.

Now if anyone's noticed, she's not exactly the same in every part of the film. Albeit, Magicalscreencaps tends to find the screens where she looks...relatively normal. So, I dunno, I thought that Belle would be relatively easy in comparison to like, something I'm not used to drawing. Which wouldn't be a protagonist female.
To my surprise, Belle is incredibly difficult because she goes off-model so often. Even with model sheets, and watching the movie several times over the last few days. But I'll upload my finished animation tonight.
Also - how old is Belle? Does anyone have any insight on that? I've had, 16, 18, 19, 20. 20 something.